Win a free 4K 360-degree camera at booth 902

How to win a 360 camera

Three simple steps to walk out of Sitecore Symposium with the new Ricoh Theta V 4K 360 camera


On your mobile device, go to


Find a marker at booth 902 and scan it


Take a picture and tweet it

Get a demo and experiment with Peek. See how TechGuilds has become the first to enable contextual marketing and personalization in VR/AR experiences.

Elevate your experience with Sitecore VR

What you can do at booth 902

Virtual reality (VR) goggle
Theta 360- degree camera
TechGuilds Team

The one thing the new iPhone can’t do… plus a few more. How cool will you look when you take a selfie-snap (or video) with your mates and the entire surroundings are in EPIC 360?

Vacation (uh um Symposium) photos at Disney will never be the same.

Win a 360-degree camera

For everyone? Yes!

Well, at least while supplies last, so show up FOR REAL at booth 902 and get your first elevated experience!

Get FREE VR goggles

This space is too small to write all the reasons why you should speak to a TechGuilds craftsman, Talk to them. They can help you in your Sitecore journey.

Talk to Sitecore craftsmen

Meet TechGuilds at Sitecore Symposium 2018

Let's talk at SYM!

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